Sunrise Marquees
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Marquee Hire Price List


Please note, items marked ** are optional, hence prices of individual items not needed should be deducted from the amount shown in the total column.

Marquee Size
feet / metre
Standing Seating Marquee Matting/Carpet** Wooden Floor SpotLighting** Total
15ft x 15ft
5m x 5m
40 20 £150 £42 Please call £10 £202
20ft x 10ft
6m x 3m
40 20 £150 £42 Please call £10 £202
20ft x 20ft
6m x 6m
70 40 £225 £66 Please call £15 £306
30ft x 10ft
9m x 3m
50 25 £225 £66 Please call £10 £301
30ft x 15ft
9m x 5m
70 40 £225 £66 Please call £15 £306
30ft x 20ft
9m x 6m
90 60 £240 £78 Please call £20 £338
30ft x 30ft
9m x 9m
150 90 £320 £102 Please call £20 £442
40ft x 20ft
12m x 6m
150 80 £320 £102 Please call £50 £472
40ft x 30ft
12m x 9m
240 120 £495 £202 Please call £50 £747
50ft x 30ft
15m x 9m
280 130 £495 £162 Please call £50 £707
60ft x 20ft
18m x 6m
220 100 £495 £162 Please call £50 £707
60ft x 30ft
18m x 9m
300 180 £695 £186 Please call £75 £956
40ft x 40ft
12m x 12m
300 140 £795 £186 Please call £50 £1031
60ft x 40ft
18m x 12m
450 250 £1008 £318 Please call £75 £1401
70ft x 30ft
21m x 9m
395 220 £795 £420 Please call £100 £1315
80ft x 30ft
24m x 9m
450 250 £895 £318 Please call £125 £1338
90ft x 30ft
27m x 9m
450 250 £995 £318 Please call £125 £1438
80ft x 40ft
24m x 12m
600 300 £1339 £426 Please call £95 £1860
100ft x 30ft
30m x 9m
600 300 £1095 £202 Please call £125 £1422
100ft x 40ft
30m x 12m
750 360 £1627 £426 Please call £125 £2178
100ft x 50ft
30m x 15m
1010 900 £2688 £1020 Please call £240 £3948
200ft x 40ft
60m x 12m
1500 740 £3355 £852 Please call £240 £4447


Can't find the size you require? Please give us a call to discuss your requirements and we will be able to recommend a suitable marquee size for your event.

Not sure if you have adequate space for any of our sizes? Why not measure the length and width of your location of choice and use the conversion tools at metric conversions to give you an idea the likely size you can accommodate. Our sizes have been approximated and as a guide 10 feet is approximately 3 metres.

All our marquees can be erected on grass or hard surfaces. Surfaces must be fairly level and clear off any obstacles, sharp and hazardous objects.

Matting can only be safely installed on grass.

Prices shown are for a level grass site with vehicle access. A surcharge will be made for all non-grass sites and for sites with difficult or limited vehicular access.

A travel charge may also be made according to distances involved.

All prices listed are for a weekend event or weekday hire – for longer hire periods, please contact us for a quotation.

We endeavour to erect all marquees as early as practicable – this enables ample time for you to set up furniture/accessories and to decorate your marquees.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you would like a site survey/visit or require any further information.

Approximately 610mm or 2ft of clear space is required on all sides for erecting.


Please click the link for price information on our Accessories and Furniture.


Our Pagoda structures meet the requirements for many applications - whether used as single units for reception areas or in multiple configurations, they serve to enhance the visual impact of any event. Together with perfect roof design, ease of assembly and perfect build quality, the multi-purpose Pagoda is a popular choice for a vareity of events around the world.

All Pagoda structures come complete with aluminium frames and supplied with white PVC covers. These structures can further be enhanced with a selection of our accessories including, but not limited to integrated flooring systems, wall linings in various colours, glass or solid walls, clear PVC or window walls, doors and many more.

These are available in different sizes for hiring and for purchase, so take the next step and contact us with your requirements today.